Solomon Private Wealth, Bradley W Small



Given the opportunity to have fame, power, riches, and wealth, King Solomon requested only Wisdom and Knowledge from God, so that he may serve his people well.  He sought not his own need, but those of his people.  A position of humility and stewardship and a heart that was strong and courageous resulted in blessings and possessions beyond his grandest imagination.  To this day, King Solomon's wealth and wisdom have never been matched.

At Solomon Private Wealth, we seek wisdom, discernment, and discretion, so that we can serve our clients in the mission of growing, preserving, protecting, and transferring their wealth.  We serve our clients with integrity, transparency, discipline, and steadfastness.  We believe in the critical model of stewardship toward prosperity.  Significance over success.  We value long-term, trusting relationships.  We do not allow fear, distractions, and "noise" to overcome our objective toward peace and quietness, key traits that create a successful wealth and investment management strategy.  

Let us help you turn Wisdom to Wealth! TM