Risk Management

Risk Management

At Solomon Private Wealth, our team strives to identify the various risks that could be detrimental to your portfolio, your family or your business. We will not only aim to manage the risks within your investments, we will evaluate life, long term care, and disability coverage.

Life Insurance: Advanced Strategies

Our team and partners help guide you through the complexities of financial, legal, tax, and estate planning concepts.   As part of our process, we help you analyze your current financial position and offer a customized solution that is built for you.

  • Business Succession Planning - business continuation strategies which aim to help for a successional transition
  • Charitable Gifting - deferred gifting techniques that can produce mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Wealth creation and Estate Planning - proper planning for federate and state estate taxes
  • Retirement accumulation and distribution - cash value life insurance or annuities used as a risk hedge

Life Insurance

Having the proper amount of life insurance is extremely important in the chance of a life altering event for you and your family. We work with a network of insurance families to help you navigate the following choices that best fit your need:

  • Universal Life
  • Indexed Univeral Life
  • Term Life
  • Variable Univesal Life
  • Whole Life

Long Term Care

The cost cost of long term care can be detrimental to your financial plan if not prepared for. Utilizing insurance to help mitigate potential future expenses can help offset this major cost.

  • Fully Underwritten Long Term Care
  • Hybrid Long Term Care - Linked Benefit
  • Fixed Annuity/Long Term Care combined offering


Being a high earner or a business owner who is key to a business means risks when it comes to potential health issues. Disability insurance helps you protect a portion of your income if you become too sick or hurt to work. it can help pay expenses which are required to maintain the lifestyle that you and your family are used to.