What is Investment Management?

What is Investment Management?

Investment management is an integral part of wealth management and your financial plan. We offer advice on investment management to help you map out your financial future. Once you have discovered your “why”, we can assist in the “what”.

Our fee-based discretionary investment management process incorporates a proprietary, customized and diversified tactical approach that focuses on risk and return.  A flexible system and process on investment management is critical in the current world of investing. Too often we hear that “it’s different this time”.  Most of the times it is not.  Too often the focus is on “what is the fee”, and not enough thought to “what is the return” commensurate for the risk being taken.  Risk management is part of the Return outcomes.

It's important how the investment strategy is included in the overall wealth strategy, which includes Legacy, Family, Business, Charitable, Tax and Estate considerations.  There is an Accumulation and Building period followed by a Distribution and Income period that needs to incorporate all these factors.

At Solomon Private Wealth, we collaborate with some of the most prominent resources to create customized investment strategies that help you in your investment Journey. We bring Wisdom to WealthTM.

Investment Options

  • Equity Portfolios
  • Fixed income Portfolios
  • Mutual Funds/Exchange Traded Fund Portfolios
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Alternative Investments and Private Strategies
  • Tax Aware Concentrated Stock Strategies
  • Socially Responsible and Faith Based Screened Portfolios